Boxing Academies help launch the British Lionhearts in the Community project in Westminster Palace

Hammersmith Boxing Academy and Barnet and Southgate Boxing Academy showed off their coaching skills and mingled with MPs and World Series Boxing stars last Wednesday at Westminster Palace. The students provided pad work to MPs such as Charlotte Lesley and Sports Minister Tracy Crouch. The students got to meet and have photo opportunities with the British Lionhearts and Italian Thunder boxing squad and were interviewed by the press. Tutors and coaches from both Ealing, Hammersmith and Westminster college and Barnet and Southgate college we extremely proud of the students performance throughout the launch. I must also mention how the students also stood strong and stayed clam during the terrible incident that happened on Westminster bridge on the day, the students were calm and professional throughout the 5 hour ordeal and really are a credit to both colleges and academies.


Under The Tokyo Dome

February 11th 1990, inside the Tokyo Dome Sports Arena, Japan.  

Undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, the self acclaimed ‘baddest man on the planet’, was flattened by unheralded outsider Buster Douglas.  Tyson, a human wrecking ball with finely tuned old-school skills, had hitherto proved unbeatable.  He’d terrorised the heavyweight division with a five-year run of highlight reel knockouts, and transcended his genre to become a household name worldwide.

‘Iron’ Mike became the most popular heavyweight boxer since ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali.  His squat, muscular, tree trunk physique and ice-cold glare often overwhelmed opponents before a single punch had been thrown.  Didn’t scare Buster though – well if it did, he certainly didn’t let it show.  Douglas’s mother Lula passed away just two weeks before the fight, and he’d somehow managed to extract motivation from abject grief. Come fight night he was well and truly ready to rumble.

Tyson, for whatever reason, didn’t perform with his usual manic intensity. However, he still managed to drill Buster to the deck with a savage right uppercut in the eighth round. More frustrated than hurt, Buster slammed the canvas with his gloved fist, got up and steamed straight back in.

It’s called determination in the face of extreme adversity. Two frenetic rounds later, he pulled off the biggest upset in the history of professional boxing. With about a minute to go in the tenth round, he landed a hellacious right uppercut of his own, and Iron Mike’s knees melted.  Seizing the moment, Buster unloaded a ferocious barrage of punches to seal the incredible deal.

The Tokyo crowd was stunned into an eerie silence as the disorientated fallen champ made a pitiful attempt to rise before the referee’s count of ten. No chance. Game, and world title reign over.

Call it a sequel, the Biblical version involved a sling and a stone.



Well, well well.. Another term comes to an end, and what a term it was.

It all started in September, with a fair bit of legislative drama.  I’ll be honest, the introduction of  the BCR1 registration document, caught me on the hop.

‘What the heck is a BCR1?’ you may ask.  I certainly did.  In the olden days, a kid could stroll into a boxing club, for the very first time, and engage in open sparring. No such thing would be allowed today, not in any decent boxing club.  The BCR1 registration was introduced over the summer.  Any boxer wishing to spar, or compete must fill in the form, and provide ID, before seeing a GP.  It’s a surefire way to ensure that coaches, clubs and governing bodies know exactly who they’re dealing with.  A filled in BCR1 is also a clear sign of commitment from a boxer to a club, and vice versa.

Of course I complained about all the paperwork, at first – cos I’m old school innit.  I soon realised that every amateur boxing club in the country was complying.  So there’s me, up and down to the London ABA offices every week, with forms and photographs.  If I wasn’t dropping them off, I was picking them up, week in, week out.

Hammersmith Boxing Club gym rat Marvin showing support

Hammersmith Boxing Club gym rat Marvin showing support

Until, one day, it was all sorted.  By mid October Hammersmith Boxing Club had a tasty looking, and fully registered competition squad.  I took three of ‘the squad’ down to The Afewee Boxing Club in Brixton for a cross-club spar.  Dean Rose (90kg), Rico Morris (64 kg) and Jodie ‘Tranimal’  Tran (69kg) excelled themselves.  Jodie maybe a little too much – but hey, it’s boxing!  By mid November ‘Dynamo’ Powers was talking about a novices tournament to be held in December.  By late November we had three boys lined up to box.  Guess where? The York hall, in Bethnal Green, that’s where.

The York Hall, if you don’t know, is boxing’s Wembley Stadium, and I mean the old Wembley!  Steeped in pugilistic history.  We’re talking hallowed ground here people.  Dean Rose (the first competitive boxer from our ‘Hammersmith Academy’ breed), and Rico ‘Monster’ Morris made their boxing debut’s in Hammersmith colours on December 13th.  Two amateur boxing debuts, at The York Hall, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime, I’m telling you.

Hammersmith's Rico Morris with a first round KO

Hammersmith’s Rico Morris with a first round KO

Deen Rose W KO 3

Deen Rose W KO 3

The third Hammersmith boxer on the packed bill was ‘Sensational’ Alex Harvey.  It was Alex’s second bout.  Dean won his debut bout by way of knockout!  And guess what?  So did Rico.  Dean in the third round, Rico… in the first!  Alex battled hard against Islington’s tough Boris Feldman.  After breezing the first, our man was gradually outworked.  ‘Sensational’ lost on a split decision, no shame there.  Feldman looks, and fought like a welterweight Tyson!

"Sensational" Alex Harvey against Islington's Boris Feldman.  Feldman W Pts Split Decision

“Sensational” Alex Harvey against Islington’s Boris Feldman. Feldman W Pts Split Decision

I’ve got to say a big thank you to ‘Dynamo’, and a massive WELL DONE to Dean, Rico and Alex.  It took some doing, but I’ve actually managed to surpass last year’s WSB CopperBox ring-walk pinnacle.  I’ve cornered three boxers at The York Hall!  How many club coaches can say that? I’m still trying to get my head around it.  What a fantastic day it was.  And with 20/20 hindsight, what a fantastic term it’s been!  Huge thanks to ‘Dynamo & Jen.

Here’s to all our coaches (especially the ‘brand new’ home-grown Level 1’s) and boxers.  The holiday’s here, put your feet up, relax… But not too much eh? The boxing season’s only half done, you get me?

Happy holidays! Peace be with you.

– Coach Douggie

The first of the Hammersmith Academy breed Deen Rose preparing for action at the York Hall

The first of the Hammersmith Academy breed Deen Rose preparing for action at the York Hall


Another season draws to an end..

As we cruise into the summer closed season, lets take a look back.

The word ‘eventful’ springs to mind. Club membership is at an all time high and the numbers have been drawn equally from our host college, the general community, and Get-Set-Go outreach projects.

In competitive terms, it was all about our rapidly improving middleweight Kwame ‘Sho-Time’ Boeteng.  Kwame travelled to America to box for a combined UK university team, and he beat a tough Washington cop. Takes some doing that!  He also boxed in a non-championship bout during the BUC’s tournament in Northumberland. Victory by unanimous decision, lovely stuff – It’s called a winning streak. Unfortunately, whilst in training for a bout in February, Kwame badly injured an ankle. The injury lingered, and we lost ‘Big Mo’ AKA momentum, such is boxing. He has, thankfully, recently returned to the gym. Our sole hope for the Haringey Box Cup Tournament, elite middleweight Amar Amieur, had to curtail his training and return home to France for personal reasons, we wish him well.

The Hammersmith Academy Team, have progressed in leaps and bounds this term. They are, as I write this, just days away from their Level One England Boxing examination, and after a whole term studying, we the coaching staff, are extremely confident of the outcome.

Big shout out here to Academy Head Coach Mickey ‘Head’ Hunter, he knows his onions does Mickey.

We have also developed a Hammersmith Club competition squad; two tasty southpaws; Rico Morris and Marvin Tancinco, 60kg and 64kg respectively, they’ll be grafting hard at the Linford Christie Stadium over the summer. It’s all about the trophies next season.

The highlight of this fantastic season, for me, was the Copper box Arena ring walk prior to the GB Lions V Cuba Domadores shoot-out. I went home buzzing, despite the fact that Team GB got hammered on the night.

Another big shout out here to club founder, 24/7 grafter; Richard Powers – many thanks for everything.

And here’s to Jenny ‘Admin’ Hunter who’s work behind the scenes has been invaluable, again, many thanks.

Hi ho hi ho, it’s off to The Linford Christie Stadium we go, sprints, sprints and more sprints.

Like i said, it’s all about the trophies next season.

See you there..

Keep punching, good things will happen

– Douggie



After four, yes four losses in a row:  the first being Kwame ‘Showtime’ Boeteng’s battle with Muhammad Ali ( yes you read that right) at an Islington Club show, the second being Kwame’s Portsmouth venture, where he lost a tight split decision.  The third and fourth being at a Harrow Club show where both Matt Teixeira and Kwame came up just short.  Something happened, it was a joy to witness.  I’m talking about a particularly tough sparring session down at Lee Steggle’s Kings College Club in Vauxhall. Kwame was in with a really tough southpaw, a relentless slugger with no reverse gear.  There was an apprentice referee in the ring, and the session took on a competition feel.  It was during this session that Kwame ‘clicked’ – he put it all together that night, under extreme pressure. The spar was eventually terminated after Kwame rocked the slugger, almost to sleep.  Since then, ‘Showtime’ hasn’t looked back.  He flew to the USA shortly afterwards to rep both the Westminster Uni Dragons and The Hammersmith Boxing Academy.  ‘Showtime’ was matched against a tough Washington Policeman, and ‘Showtime’ did the business.  Dropped him hard, and won on points.  He returned to England and took a week off before travelling  up to sunny Newcastle to fight in the BUCS Championships where he took on a dude, named coincidently… Douggie in a non championship bout.  Douggie from Nothumbria Uni was another real rough kid, he came at Kwame like an inner city riot, but Kwame had his number, all night. His win was a unanimous one, and well deserved.  People, we’re on a roll.

The club is still attracting record numbers and our Academy Boxers have progressed steadily this term, under the tutelage of Head Coach Mickey Hunter.

They’ve already begun assisting with local ‘outreach’ boxing sessions – and quite capably i might add.

We’re almost half way to summer, it’s time to shape right up.

You know where we are..  It’s only £4 measly quid a session.

Come & get some – like I said, we’re on a roll!


– Douggie



Yes indeed, our season thus far has been a corker! We’re pleased to announce record club-night attendance numbers (Aug/Dec) & The Boxing Academy is going great guns.  Wot! You didn’t know about our Boxing Academy? Hammersmith & West London college now houses London’s first and only boxing academy! The noble art of boxing now forms part of the  daily curriculum for 19 lucky students, with Leaders Awards, and AIBA Level 1 qualifications on the line.  A good many of the ‘lucky ones’ have  completed their AIBA medicals, and have expressed a willingness to compete for the club. There are exciting times ahead, believe you me. The next ‘Smith boxer to step up into competitive action, looks likely to be Callum ‘Young Buc’ McKeever (60kg). Stay tuned for details of Callum’s proposed contest against ‘Rockin’ Nick Robins from Vauxhall’s Black Prince Boxing Club.  They know each other well do Callum and Nick, it’s a fantastic match. Lets get the holiday out the way first tho eh..? Have a good one. Fire up Mike Tyson on Youtube, and check out Aaron ‘The Hawk’ Pryor, he’ll blow your mind – and you wont get a hangover.

Here’s to Jenny Hunter, Richard Powers, Richard Wilson, Big Stuart Nubley, Roy Reid, Bobby, Micky ‘Head’ Hunter,  budding young coach ‘Doctor Dre’ and all our sweaty regulars


– Coach Douggie

Change4life Family Fun Days in Hammersmith & Fulham.

We are delighted to announce that Get Set Go Sport, Hammersmith Boxing Academy and Fulham Hawks Sports Clubs will be working along side LBHF and Change4life in the 2014 Family Fun days. The events will be held in a number of locations across the Hammersmith & Fulham borough and will all be free of charge. The aim is to encourage the local community to get out into their local parks and open spaces and take part in some family friendly sports.

Hammersmith Boxing Academy will be out and about providing and demonstrating non-contact boxing fitness, games and boxing drills with the added bonus of the BOX ARENA!

Fulham Hawks will be offering Dodgeball taster sessions but best of all there will be a a Dodgeball tournament on each event where you will be able to compete againstt other teams and win the most coveted Get Set Go Sport gold medal! So get a team together, sign up and show how you can DODGE, DUCK, DIP, DIVE and DODGE!

Get Set Go Sport will be offering a range of multi sports such as Dodgeball, Kickball and even Archery, so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood or think you can show off your skills at Dodgeball then check out the timetable and list of activities and locations. Take a look at Get Set Go Sport Facebook page to get all the up to date information

Please note that the Archery sessions are only available by booking in advance by calling 07830323839 or email


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