Well, well well.. Another term comes to an end, and what a term it was.

It all started in September, with a fair bit of legislative drama.  I’ll be honest, the introduction of  the BCR1 registration document, caught me on the hop.

‘What the heck is a BCR1?’ you may ask.  I certainly did.  In the olden days, a kid could stroll into a boxing club, for the very first time, and engage in open sparring. No such thing would be allowed today, not in any decent boxing club.  The BCR1 registration was introduced over the summer.  Any boxer wishing to spar, or compete must fill in the form, and provide ID, before seeing a GP.  It’s a surefire way to ensure that coaches, clubs and governing bodies know exactly who they’re dealing with.  A filled in BCR1 is also a clear sign of commitment from a boxer to a club, and vice versa.

Of course I complained about all the paperwork, at first – cos I’m old school innit.  I soon realised that every amateur boxing club in the country was complying.  So there’s me, up and down to the London ABA offices every week, with forms and photographs.  If I wasn’t dropping them off, I was picking them up, week in, week out.

Hammersmith Boxing Club gym rat Marvin showing support

Hammersmith Boxing Club gym rat Marvin showing support

Until, one day, it was all sorted.  By mid October Hammersmith Boxing Club had a tasty looking, and fully registered competition squad.  I took three of ‘the squad’ down to The Afewee Boxing Club in Brixton for a cross-club spar.  Dean Rose (90kg), Rico Morris (64 kg) and Jodie ‘Tranimal’  Tran (69kg) excelled themselves.  Jodie maybe a little too much – but hey, it’s boxing!  By mid November ‘Dynamo’ Powers was talking about a novices tournament to be held in December.  By late November we had three boys lined up to box.  Guess where? The York hall, in Bethnal Green, that’s where.

The York Hall, if you don’t know, is boxing’s Wembley Stadium, and I mean the old Wembley!  Steeped in pugilistic history.  We’re talking hallowed ground here people.  Dean Rose (the first competitive boxer from our ‘Hammersmith Academy’ breed), and Rico ‘Monster’ Morris made their boxing debut’s in Hammersmith colours on December 13th.  Two amateur boxing debuts, at The York Hall, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime, I’m telling you.

Hammersmith's Rico Morris with a first round KO

Hammersmith’s Rico Morris with a first round KO

Deen Rose W KO 3

Deen Rose W KO 3

The third Hammersmith boxer on the packed bill was ‘Sensational’ Alex Harvey.  It was Alex’s second bout.  Dean won his debut bout by way of knockout!  And guess what?  So did Rico.  Dean in the third round, Rico… in the first!  Alex battled hard against Islington’s tough Boris Feldman.  After breezing the first, our man was gradually outworked.  ‘Sensational’ lost on a split decision, no shame there.  Feldman looks, and fought like a welterweight Tyson!

"Sensational" Alex Harvey against Islington's Boris Feldman.  Feldman W Pts Split Decision

“Sensational” Alex Harvey against Islington’s Boris Feldman. Feldman W Pts Split Decision

I’ve got to say a big thank you to ‘Dynamo’, and a massive WELL DONE to Dean, Rico and Alex.  It took some doing, but I’ve actually managed to surpass last year’s WSB CopperBox ring-walk pinnacle.  I’ve cornered three boxers at The York Hall!  How many club coaches can say that? I’m still trying to get my head around it.  What a fantastic day it was.  And with 20/20 hindsight, what a fantastic term it’s been!  Huge thanks to ‘Dynamo & Jen.

Here’s to all our coaches (especially the ‘brand new’ home-grown Level 1’s) and boxers.  The holiday’s here, put your feet up, relax… But not too much eh? The boxing season’s only half done, you get me?

Happy holidays! Peace be with you.

– Coach Douggie

The first of the Hammersmith Academy breed Deen Rose preparing for action at the York Hall

The first of the Hammersmith Academy breed Deen Rose preparing for action at the York Hall