After four, yes four losses in a row:  the first being Kwame ‘Showtime’ Boeteng’s battle with Muhammad Ali ( yes you read that right) at an Islington Club show, the second being Kwame’s Portsmouth venture, where he lost a tight split decision.  The third and fourth being at a Harrow Club show where both Matt Teixeira and Kwame came up just short.  Something happened, it was a joy to witness.  I’m talking about a particularly tough sparring session down at Lee Steggle’s Kings College Club in Vauxhall. Kwame was in with a really tough southpaw, a relentless slugger with no reverse gear.  There was an apprentice referee in the ring, and the session took on a competition feel.  It was during this session that Kwame ‘clicked’ – he put it all together that night, under extreme pressure. The spar was eventually terminated after Kwame rocked the slugger, almost to sleep.  Since then, ‘Showtime’ hasn’t looked back.  He flew to the USA shortly afterwards to rep both the Westminster Uni Dragons and The Hammersmith Boxing Academy.  ‘Showtime’ was matched against a tough Washington Policeman, and ‘Showtime’ did the business.  Dropped him hard, and won on points.  He returned to England and took a week off before travelling  up to sunny Newcastle to fight in the BUCS Championships where he took on a dude, named coincidently… Douggie in a non championship bout.  Douggie from Nothumbria Uni was another real rough kid, he came at Kwame like an inner city riot, but Kwame had his number, all night. His win was a unanimous one, and well deserved.  People, we’re on a roll.

The club is still attracting record numbers and our Academy Boxers have progressed steadily this term, under the tutelage of Head Coach Mickey Hunter.

They’ve already begun assisting with local ‘outreach’ boxing sessions – and quite capably i might add.

We’re almost half way to summer, it’s time to shape right up.

You know where we are..  It’s only £4 measly quid a session.

Come & get some – like I said, we’re on a roll!


– Douggie