Yes indeed, our season thus far has been a corker! We’re pleased to announce record club-night attendance numbers (Aug/Dec) & The Boxing Academy is going great guns.  Wot! You didn’t know about our Boxing Academy? Hammersmith & West London college now houses London’s first and only boxing academy! The noble art of boxing now forms part of the  daily curriculum for 19 lucky students, with Leaders Awards, and AIBA Level 1 qualifications on the line.  A good many of the ‘lucky ones’ have  completed their AIBA medicals, and have expressed a willingness to compete for the club. There are exciting times ahead, believe you me. The next ‘Smith boxer to step up into competitive action, looks likely to be Callum ‘Young Buc’ McKeever (60kg). Stay tuned for details of Callum’s proposed contest against ‘Rockin’ Nick Robins from Vauxhall’s Black Prince Boxing Club.  They know each other well do Callum and Nick, it’s a fantastic match. Lets get the holiday out the way first tho eh..? Have a good one. Fire up Mike Tyson on Youtube, and check out Aaron ‘The Hawk’ Pryor, he’ll blow your mind – and you wont get a hangover.

Here’s to Jenny Hunter, Richard Powers, Richard Wilson, Big Stuart Nubley, Roy Reid, Bobby, Micky ‘Head’ Hunter,  budding young coach ‘Doctor Dre’ and all our sweaty regulars


– Coach Douggie