Boxing in Linford Christie Stadium with Mobile Boxing Arena and Get Set Go Sport


We are pleased to announce that every Saturday throughout August Hammersmith Boxing Academy will be hosting our boxing session along side England Boxing Mobile Boxing Arena thanks to LBHF, Change4life and Get Set Go Sport. The sessions will start from 11am every Saturday in Linford Cristie Sports Centre and will be run by Coach Douggie. The sessions will be open to the public but Hammersmith Boxing Academy training will continue as normal. This is your chance to showcase your boxing skills to the public and encourage them to join the academy as new members.

For more information on other sports sessions hosted by LBHF and Change4life visit

Change4life Family Fun Days in Hammersmith & Fulham.

We are delighted to announce that Get Set Go Sport, Hammersmith Boxing Academy and Fulham Hawks Sports Clubs will be working along side LBHF and Change4life in the 2014 Family Fun days. The events will be held in a number of locations across the Hammersmith & Fulham borough and will all be free of charge. The aim is to encourage the local community to get out into their local parks and open spaces and take part in some family friendly sports.

Hammersmith Boxing Academy will be out and about providing and demonstrating non-contact boxing fitness, games and boxing drills with the added bonus of the BOX ARENA!

Fulham Hawks will be offering Dodgeball taster sessions but best of all there will be a a Dodgeball tournament on each event where you will be able to compete againstt other teams and win the most coveted Get Set Go Sport gold medal! So get a team together, sign up and show how you can DODGE, DUCK, DIP, DIVE and DODGE!

Get Set Go Sport will be offering a range of multi sports such as Dodgeball, Kickball and even Archery, so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood or think you can show off your skills at Dodgeball then check out the timetable and list of activities and locations. Take a look at Get Set Go Sport Facebook page to get all the up to date information

Please note that the Archery sessions are only available by booking in advance by calling 07830323839 or email


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Good News And Bad News!

Hammersmith Boxing Academy has some good news and bad news!
Bad news is the gym will be closed for the summer holidays, we will inform you of the re-opening dates in due course.
The good news is that we will be running boxing sessions on Saturday mornings but the venue has yet to be confirmed. Keep a close eye on our Facebook page and Twitter for regular updates.
Some more good news is that when we go back to the gym we will have a shiny new floor!
So keep training at home, hit the streets running and concentrate on your cardio so when we come back in September we will be ready to get straight into some bouts.